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17th, June, 2021

Past sessions

13th, May, 2021


“Orgasm, Generation and the Politics of Reproduction” by Thomas Laqueur

“The Evolutionary Origin of Female Orgasm” by Mihaela Pavlicev, and “Male Nipples and Clitoral Ripples” by Steven Jay Gould

8th, Apr, 2021

“Necesidades emocionales y psicosociales en la COVID-19” by Izar Agirresarobe Pineda

25th, Feb, 2021

Joint session “Gender and Autonomy” (IAS Research-Forgotten Female Bodies)

15th, Feb, 2021

Peer-review session

14th, Jan, 2021

“A sea of Gender” by Fausto-Sterling

3rd, Dec, 2020

Sarah Borden, Aristotelian Feminism

5th, Nov, 2020

“Sex is Real” by Paul Griffiths:

24th, Sep, 2020

Kick-off meeting