Workshop Program

Check the Abstracts and Questions pages for detailed information on talks and discussion topics.

Room A4, Centro Carlos Santamaría, Campus de Gipuzkoa de UPV/EHU, Plaza Elhuyar, 2 20018 San Sebastian (Google maps)

6th of June

13’00-14’50h Lunch
14’50-15’00h Welcome
15’00-16’00h Philipp Mitteroecker: How to study human diversity?
16’00-17’00h Mihaela Pavlicev: Female biology reinterpreted in the light of developmental evolution
17’00-17’30h Coffee break
17’30-18’30h Discussion Topic 1

7th of June

9’30-10’30h Laura Menatti and Carla Benaglio:  Medical humanities: attempts at solving gender bias in medicine and medical education.
10’30-11’30h María Jesús Santesmases: Making pregnant bodies invisible: Foetus images and the karyotype
11’30-12’00h Coffee break
12’00-13’00h Discussion Topic 2
13’00-15’00h Lunch
15’00-16’00h John Dupré: The Metaphysics of Pregnancy: A Bifurcating Process
16’00-17’00h Laura Nuño de la Rosa & Arantza Etxeberria: Biological individuality and reproduction: Intermittent interidentity in the evolution of pregnancy
17’00-17’30h Coffee break
17’30-18’30h Lilly Schwartz: Exhibition on Women and Photography

8th of June

9’30-10’30h Beata Stawarska: Female bodies in feminist phenomenology
10’30-11’30h Alejandra Martínez Quintero: Female embodiments: hormonal, subjective and intersubjective interactions across menstrual cycle.
11’30-12’00h Coffee break
12’00-13’00h Discussion topic 3
13’00-15’00h Lunch




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